Kingpyn Highstakes Quarter Final Fight Match-ups Announced

Boxing News
Published 12th Mar, 2023

The draw for the worlds first influencer boxing tournament has been announced, and it's looking like it's going to be a spectacle.

On the 12th of March, Kingpyn had a launch event, to determine which boxers will be matching up against each other in the 3 part event tournament.

The organisers brought out Deji to decide the match ups, by him picking the fighters names randomly out of a container.

Who's fighting in the Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament?

The organisers announced who were taking part in the tournament via their social media pages, from the 14th of February to the 7th of March.

The fighters taking part as follows:

There's also one spot left open for another influencer boxer to step in and be the 8th man in the tournament.

What Fights Are Taking Place In The Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament?

When Does The Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament Take Place?

The tournament kicks off on the 22nd of April 2023, and will be in the quarter final phase.

To see the full break down on the event and all the fights, click here...

Best Records

  1. 1st
    8 - 1 - 0
  2. 2nd
    7 - 0 - 0
  3. 3rd
    6 - 1 - 1
  4. 4th
    6 - 1 - 0
  5. 5th
    4 - 0 - 0
  6. 6th
    4 - 3 - 0